North Ave. BathsJohnny's Grill, Logan Square The Ohio House Motel Lasalle St. Bridge The Sun Set Cafe building on 35th street. Owned by Louis Armstrong's manager, Joe Glaser, the venue played host to such performers as Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Johnny Dodds, Bix Beiderbecke, Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa and, above all, EarMichigan AvePromontory Point...25 degrees Chicago Ave off 55th Street. Promontory Point facing northJohnny O's on Halsted... 79th street across from the historic Regal Theatre Josephina's Bakery, Pilsen. 30 degreesGigio's Pizza, Uptown Barbara Ann BBq and Motel... Cottage Grove Ave. Sacramento...West side soulClosed eatery on Western Ave. Elenora's ... desplaines Ave... 55 degrees Blues on Halsted Ribs & Bibs, 53rd St. Hyde ParkComing Soon! Sacramento Ave. Lincoln Park Conservatory Wilson Red Line Stop55th st & S. South Shore... Blizzard 47th & King Drive... most beat up house i ever saw!Uptown theater! InnerTown pub... classic art school stomping ground55th Street Metra line... always grimy...certainly part of the Hyde Park lifestyle 5th Ave. Food & Liquor Pilsen, Leavitt St. Terry's Red Hot, North Ave. 30 Degrees 5th Ave & Sacramento ... shivering cold...Ray O's... back of the yards! Bridgeport Restaurant, 25 degrees... windyFlamingo Building during the Blizzard! 55th St. and S. South Shore (my home from Jan-May 2015)East Docks, Calumet ...south south sideKingston Mines! RIBS + BLUESWest Lake St. near where Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf used to play Old town hall, Chicago Hyde Park Barber shop... i walk in and heads turn.. i ask "do you cut white hair? " "yeah baby, every body needs to be pampered" Wilson Red Line Stop Sacramento Ave. 28 degrees... approached by man for beer moneyLaundry place on 55thChicago River looking west, bridges ...cold as..Barge on the river, 25 degrees The Cove Bar, 55th St. Chicago Co-prosperity Sphere, Bridgeport. 29 degrees Promontory Point facing South, March 10th. 55 degrees.
Chicago is a cold city...the act of embracing it may present its own challenges though when you break through to the other side - what a town! This year for Christmas i was given an electric heated hoodie... with this magic tool and brushes in hand i went outside and painted the city... take a look! Thank you!