Ghost on the Delta New Orleans, LaNew Orleans, LA St. Roch Cemetery, New OrleansEarl HookerJean Paul Sartre and Simone di Beauvoir in a Paris apartment, 1967.Arcade Cornucopia Pitt County Fair Puppet ShowPitt County FairIl sepulcro di Theodoric, Ravenna. Compro degli cose? Nato Cop - LandAnthony TannerGuggenheim School Ghost stories on the Mississippi RibsDelusory Job HuntCherokee St. St. LouisBeer RiverGreat midwest Buffalo hunt by train with a Gatling gun! Care Free St. LouisDont kill your audience
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A new folder for new images. The land of misfit toys; drawings that deserve their own folder because they just do not fit in elsewhere. Enjoy!