La Malinche El Hombre Di Pulque storyville jazzPetrified PatriotsOcracoke 2Ocracokegreasy point arkansasBURN_FIRE_WOMAN WHOSE SIDE PROGRESSRUNlooseSpirit of Frisco Queen ElizabethQueen of Pearls Ting the KnightPregnant Woman in the Tropics SchwabenPrince & ParmalettaVirginia Dare The Fur TrappersblackRHINOShed your SkinMother and SonBURN EASTERN ROCKETPLAY BOY PLAYDansez BamboulaLouisiana Dominatrix Madams of the Mississippi Cowgirls of the old west.General Santa Anna! Remember the Alamo! Big TexasHot DateRevenge of Jean Lafitte Chernobyl Knights, fondness for armor, spent uranium Life in the cityBURN: Acrylic on marble dust primed wood panel 24 X 35 inches. Russian BalletThey smoked dank tobacco by the riverThe Oyster Eater Champions FollowTHEfife The Boy KingBlack Boy, White Woman, Mixed Baby, @igga Loveril leone di Aleppothe measure of beauty

La misura di bellezza Odalisque du Roentgen Saint ScholasticaLa Batterista di S.Roch- TAT TAT taaaaTAT TAT TATBlues Man Avatar, Disney, Mcdonald's, Please helpCastor + Pollux King Oven Faceon the Mississippi delta sits the Spinge/Sphynx who guards the passage of the dead.Battle of SamarDo you like mermaids? ever since the movie "Hook" i have welcomed them into my imagination! Summer Queen I Tre Re The winter queenMy Two Daughters Native girl takes performance break on Mississippi river boat near Memphis. Southern planter The Byzantine Madariaga / Homage to Austin Eddy's "tassel tits". Bombardamento degli anziani Ghost of Mardi- GrasPancetta MondoThe eyes were seeing and the brain was thinking.Byzantine Refugee ArkByzantine Queen, Spoiled Fruit, Las Vegas HeadHead of Byzantine Emperor presented to Sultan Mehmed II, 1453.My Byzantine Wife to be.Last Emperor of the Byzantines 1453Buffet loveUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledSt. Scholastica Easter Magic, Inspired by Austin Eddy and Scott Reeder. Crystal CaveUntitledEaster Magic; Part DuexMoroccoUnescapabletime will catch you up.Cacciatore de ChinghialeBirth ControlFortezza di Testa Unstoppable flow of time.
"why the dots?" you may be asking yourself? The dots come from the wonderful gift of proximity i was privilaged to experience through the mosaics and artist of Ravenna, Italy. Byzantine mosaic in particular, representing a vanquished civilization began to occupy a central place in the images i was creating. On a stress scale from one to ten i would say that Americans in general have habituated to living our every day lives at a level five. Bombarded daily with the fantasy of our own extinction, our perceived doom, and our ever eminent danger the mosaic has come to signify a skin of sorts... half monument/half life-like membrane that keeps making itself known in my images. Thanks for looking!