Tale from the Mississippi EgyptTorta Mondo St Benedict previewSt Benedict previewSt Benedict previewSt Benedict previewSt Benedict previewGente della nebbia IGente della Nebbia IIca. 1988, Brooklyn, NYCca. 1988, Brooklyn, NYCBenedict arrives at Subiaco From Gregory the Great's "Life and Miracles of St. Benedict"Untitledthe smoke tells Greek Myths (section of scroll)UntitledAfrican NationsModern BoneyardOliver CromwellCaves, Trolls, Crystalls.UntitledUntitledInvisible CitiesUntitledUntitledParis BarricadesByzantiumNorth Africa Garum FactoryAfter the storm was over, there was calmUntitledStar WarsUntitledDigging for the signUntitledGreek ShipsLes Miserables Gates of ParisEvacuationSomewhere in time and SpaceCanterbury TalesUntitledAztec Burial Invisible Cities Part 1FranceChicago Winters are HardPapua New Guinea Funeral for a friend. Debating Stool, East Sepik Region, PNG, early 20th cen. Ulis Figure, New Ireland, PNG 1910Chinese ParadeUntitledUlis Figure, New Ireland, PNG 1910UntitledUntitledFigure, upper Sepik River, PNGUntitledAge of Expansion.AirplanesAquaduct of VitruviusMaroccoLes MiserablesChariots in PersiaUncle Joes Jerk ChickenUntitledRomeUntitledByzantine Croatia. Art on TrackBathhouse murderAztecsRome in the Middle AgesFranceRainforestDecline and Fall of the Roman EmpireTragedyExotic AnimalsUntitledNatives TotemsUntitledUntitledPapua New GuineaUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled
Hello beautiful people and welcome to the drawing page! Have you ever wanted to see more than what was in a history book? Traditionally, Illustration has been sentenced to a life of describing text. Well, what happens when the illustration is at liberty to describe, period. My aim is to keep what is real about cartoons and what is cartoon about the real in a happy balance without loosing too much of the charm. Have Fun! - Mark Brown