Flats Studio Uptown
Having a show at Flats Studio, Uptown... hope to see you there!
Chicago Encore!
Jan 2015, back in Chicago... got myself a heated hoodie, going to take to the streets to paint - lets see what happens! This may just be my last tango in this wonderful city so lets make the best of it!
Memphis, Austin, New Orleans, St Louis
Man O' time have been busy. These days I'm getting my Texas on in Austin...Showing at Garage Cocktail Lounge, hope to see you here!
Agriano + Norcia
Back in Italy with the Monks of Norcia! Illustrations have begun on our newest book project "The Life and Miracles of Saint Benedict".
Deep Fried South Side
Working for Colombia College down here at 71st and Morgan, Inglewood. Between Anthony Tanner beating me up and Jada Bursey calling me lame im not sure that the instruction is working out. But like salt and vinegar potato chips... the sting is addictive.

I hope im doing some good.
2012 so far
Through St. Louis to Chicago! Now working for Colombia College neighborhood's project on the South side of Chicago. Teaching - Painting and Drawing.

Preparing to host my dear friend Br. John as we continue to work on our St. Benedict book for our Benedictine Monastery in Norcia, Italy.

Cranking out work! preparing also for Ninapi, Nesting Gallery. Ravenna, It. Sept. 2012
Ayden Collard Festival Sept. 10th 2011
I am happy to say that the little town of Ayden, NC (where my Mother is from and where my Grandparents lived in my lifetime) hosted the annual Collard Festival complete with an Art Show! Holy soul food! Two of my works were first place winners from two separate categories... Thank you Ayden! i went to preschool there!
Torno In Italia!
Sono tornato in Italia! Questo volta resto con felicita a Ravenna per il mese di Octobre.

Find me in Ravenna, or somewhere in Umbria this fall! i will be posting work throughout so stay tuned!
April 22 MFA show
St. Louis and Mad Art
Art in a Prison, WHat? yeah its happening at MadARt in St. Louis, Dec. 4th!

An old prison/ Asylum converted to show artwork will be the battle ground for an unveiling of new works!
Mark Brown moves to the frontier town of Portage, Ohio (population 10?) This dusty crossroads will be the headquaters for Mark as he plans his assault on the greater Chicago/Detroit/St. Louis area. If you have never seen nothing before, stop by and visit him. Man, talking about yourself in third person is awsome!
June 5th Chicago catch up!
Improve show somewhere with some people, all Chicago kids will be invited, Blues music or Phillip Morris.
La Corte, Gallery April 8th
April 8th, 9pm Group show at the famous La Corte, Santa Sprito! bring your ass on.
Monastery Postuary
This summer i will be joining the Benedictine Monks of Norcia, Umbria to paint icons! While you are at the beach getting a tan, i will be on my knees begging for forgiveness! Woo-Hoo! I will be posting my meditative paintings on the site so stay tuned. Word.
Coming Soon:
Drawings at The Gate Pub, Via San Frediano, Firenze. April 5th
Past Show at SAIC: Student Union Gallery 2008
Italian Bronx
Upcoming shows in the Florence area...

Bar Anna, Via De Ginori, Friday, 12th 2010

Rex Cafe, Via Fienza