The Ohio House Motel
The Ohio House Motel. Chicago made the streets wider about 60 years the auto became more prevalent so did motels downtown...many are disappearing...This one, The Ohio House, is where i stayed the very first time i ever came to Chicago back in 1991-or 2? i still have a scar on my knee where i fell while crossing the street to get a hash brown from the long gone, tobacco stained 50's Mcdonalds across the street. PS. you should try the new eatery "Leghorn" located in the old office building...its all farm fresh, all natural biscuits and chicken...and they play Mos Def/ Gangstar all day... (Also stayed here when i was kicked out of the SAIC dorms, my cousin and i clogged the toilet and watched a South Park marathon because it was storming so bad outside ) ... The ancient mattresses bend like bananas!
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