I Tre Re
60 X 45
Progress and mediation - "Who are the Magi? In the context of today’s Gospel, these characters belong to a Persian priestly caste. In fact, during that period, in the city of Babylon, there existed a small group of astronomers who belonged to this caste and who could have calculated the astral conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation Pisces, which happened in the years 7-6 B.C.—now believed to be the actual time of Jesus’ birth (cf. The Infancy Narratives, pp. 92 & 94). Pope Benedict, in his study on the infancy of Jesus, mediates on the interior state of these Magi—“men of inner unrest, [men] of hope, [men] on the lookout for the true star of salvation” (cf. p. 95). The Pope highlights: “They were wise. They represent the inner dynamic of religion toward self-transcendence…” (p. 95) in search of truth, in search of the true God. “In a way, they are successors of Abraham, who set off on a journey in response to God’s call” (pp. 95-96). - Fr. Cassian, Monastero S. Benedetto

Three Kings painting –

"The Three kings were lead out of the desert
They brought with them few tangible objects
Though their treasure was firmly in their pocession
For they contained knowledges and secret knowledges
Stowed in the deepest inner castle
After a time when the three Kings arrived at a given destination
They unpacked their hidden manifest and were able to raise a golden crop"
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