Wicker Park Blues
WICKER PARK BLUES: (feat. Shawn Webb and Mark Brown)

Breakfast is a long lived tradition for me. Eggs, bacon, toast, coffee, orange juice... all these things combine to form nothing short of an institution for my well-being. I am not alone in my indefatigable love for breakfast. My dear friend Shawn Webb and i spent many a Chicago morning discussing all types of topics over a meal. Our scene in this comic opens just after breakfast with Shawn and I doing a turn around the block after eating and discussing our moral conundrums about life in Wicker Park.

Mark "BP, it's just a company man...we are ALL guilty, anyone who drives a f*%$ing car man!..."
(A soliloquy about the recent oil spill in the gulf - i was mad that everyone was so surprised by what happened)

Shawn "True..."

Mark "Everybody is so interested in appearing like something, but lack an inner constitution...weaker than a bag of dry feathers." (Its hard not to be overwhelmed by hipsters in Wicker Park)

... It seems like people are unable to endure real suffering anymore. They give us video games, movies, energy drinks, and ipods so that we wont notice what they are taking away... I told a guy (on the "L") the other day a joke and guess what i get? a laugh? or a "thank you for telling me a joke?"... i got a frown (people are way too serious all the time) Everyone i see must be serious all the time, i tell you what we need man, CENOBITES!

Cenobite = Creatures from "Hellraiser" movies that live in hell and torture people (Pinhead's famous line is "Oh the sites that i will show you! (indicating grueling pain and suffering!)

Just then from the bushes in Wicker Park come the chains of the cenobites to thrash and dismember the local hipsters. *Pinhead from the bushes "Oh the sites that i will show you!"

Shawn " I am on board with "Friday 13th". Jason Vorhese in a non-character. They make these movies so that you get the joy of watching lame-ass kids get slaughtered in fun and unique ways...If our culture (American) was not obsessed with carnage of this nature then people would not make films of this type. Americans love violence! (at least all the ones i know! just look at Ultimate Fighting Championship - God help us!)

Mark " I wish we had true grit, did REAL shit... not like tattoos and shit, but like Studs Terkel and Nelson Algren (Please look into both of these guys, they are a huge and important part of Chicago History). Hell, Mike Royko (Legendary writer for the "Chicago Tribune") for was a dick but he was real as hell and those things he said, he ment. It is what you do the makes you real, not merely what you looks like... just read the Gospel of John.


PS- I talk so much bull all the time, especially after breakfast. I admit this and invite you to disagree as much and as often as possible. After all, thats the makings of a compelling and worthwhile conversation!

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